CPR Training

Situations sometimes arise that require  a trained worker that is certified in CPR, AED, or First Aid. Having a workforce that is ready and available to react to medical emergencies is a useful resource in the time of need. Emergency resuscitation and/or medical intervention can save a life or greatly reduce reportable injuries.


Being trained with life-saving, first aid skills says that you not only care about your employees, it also prepares them to react quickly in the event of a medical emergency in your business or on a jobsite. Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death in the workplace. Illness such as stroke, breathing difficulties, and hypoglycemic events are commonplace. We will teach your employees the skills needed to help a co-worker or client while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Employers must provide first aid training for employees, per OSHA. This training will teach your employees how to respond to medical emergencies in the workplace. By ensuring that your staff has first aid skills and knowledge to help an injured or sick employee, you will avoid costly fines. First aid training is a practical team building exercise that will produce real benefits for you company.

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Benefits of a first aid/safety trained workforce: 

Fortified Safety Consulting and Training

Fortified Safety has a hundreds of online safety courses that will prepare you and your workforce. This is just a small sample of available trainings. Online trainings are not Red Cross or American Heart Association certified. For certification, please schedule an in-person training session.