Whether it’s a large or small-scale construction project, manufacturing outage, major maintenance, we provide an on-site safety consultant to work with you and your team to identify and correct safety hazards. Additionally, we focus on underlying safety issues that may be impacting your workforce safety performance and help communicate and develop sustainable systems to correct problematic areas.


Effective safety programs create a positive safety culture within your workforce. Heightening your team’s safety performance and its level of compliance with OSHA and MSHA standards is our number one goal. Our on-site consulting is ideal for businesses and organizations that want the best for their employees and make a positive impact on safety performance.

Fortified Safety capable of providing services to the construction, pipeline, power, manufacturing, shipping/receiving, warehouse, assembly, chemical processing, service, maintenance, laboratory, and healthcare operations located anywhere in the United States.


Some examples of what could be included in this service are:

  • Safety audits
  • Insurance claim management
  • Safety Policy development
  • Accident Investigations
  • Safety Training
  • Contractor Safety Management