For larger manufacturers that are looking to fill an open position until you find a replacement, it can be useful to bring in the services of a safety consultant to ensure you safety culture doesn’t suffer.  Having an outside party to verify and validate that observations are legitimate can provide another point of view to assure the organization that the safety program is headed in the right direction.

There are several advantages of hiring a temporary safety manager

  1. The cost of a safety consultant is likely to be only a fraction of the cost of an injury or program slippage due to not having a full-time safety manager on-site.
  2. Different backgrounds and educational opportunities provide different levels of experience to every safety program. This means that safety consultants who have seen several different operations and can bring their experience to help with the challenges that industries experience. 
  3. Safety consultants have the ability to see various work environments and can share their experiences from other facilities that have had success at other facilities. The wide variety of manufacturers they are visiting, along with the variations in safety management, mean that a consultant may have a broader ability to identify safety concerns and provide solutions that have worked in other industries.
  4. When you have a safety consultant who understands your federal laws and safety management practices, you will have the benefit of reducing gaps in your safety program that come from employment turnover.