For many businesses and organizations, it’s very difficult to hold a full-time safety professional and/or no one is responsible for safety. An excellent way to help keep track of your safety performance and to get reasonable counseling on workplace hazards, hiring an outside safety professional might be right for you. You can choose from a regular scheduled visit throughout the year or have a one-time visit. Each time one of our safety professionals comes to your place of business, they will look for hazardous conditions and document those findings as well as any unsafe behaviors exhibited by employees. The company will receive a safety report documenting the findings and necessary corrective actions. In addition, this audit can uncover missing written safety programs and incomplete or undocumented training that is required based on the hazards which exist in the facility.  These services are an excellent option for manufacturers looking for a baseline assessment because it means that someone is monitoring the safety programs to ensure they are up-to-date, conducting training with the employees and tracking safety training update requirements, and completing inspections to ensure that violative conditions are abated. 

For organizations that have a responsible person for safety or an employee safety committee, but lack a full-time safety professional, you may want an experienced professional to help develop their skills. Many times, safety falls under quality, operations or HR environments and people in these roles can have an excellent grasp on the OSHA Regulations.  The issue is that people in these often find it very difficult to handle their primary function as well as safety, but can create a situation where safety can fall by the wayside. When a safety issue arises, other facets of the business can suffer as a result.  A safety consultant can ensure that even during busy times in an organization that the safety program continues to make progress and receives the attention required to keep the organization on the right path.